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Bent Leg Safety Stirrup Bent Leg Safety Stirrup
2 in stock
Lorina Steel Made with a slight bend in one side to allow the riders foot to slide out of the stirrup more easily than conventional irons
Bent Leg Stirrup Irons Bent Leg Stirrup Irons
6 in stock
Otherwise known as the Australian simplex, these bent leg stirrup irons have been designed to help prevent the foot becoming caught in the stirrup in the event of a fall. Note: irons should be chosen according to foot size, 1.25cm of space either side of riding footwear is correct
Bitz Rubber Rings for Peacock Stirrups Bitz Rubber Rings for Peacock Stirrups
1 in stock
Replacement rubber rings for the peacock stirrup iron. The rubber ring stretches from the top hook to the bottom notch and, combined with the leather strap, release the rider's foot in the event of a fall
Cottage Craft Stirrup Treads Cottage Craft Stirrup Treads
2 in stock
COTTAGE CRAFT STIRRUP TREADS PSOB These treads provide extra grip to prevent slipping . .
Dever Flexi-Irons Dever Flexi-Irons
3 in stock
These Flexi Irons are made from Stainless Steel. They are designed to "flex" backwards and forwards. The flexible feature of these irons help to reduce the strain on the knee and ankle joints and also help the rider maintain the correct lower leg position. They are supplied with black rubber treads
Fillis Irons Fillis Irons
1 in stock
Fillis Peacock Stirrups Fillis Peacock Stirrups
5 in stock
Designed primarily with children in mind, these safety stirrups have a thick rubber band which will detach easily for greater safety. Made from stainless steel with a high quality finish and complete with stirrup treads
Fillis Stirrup Treads Black Fillis Stirrup Treads Black
2 in stock
For use with fillis stirrup irons only which are deeper than standard irons
Fillis Stirrups Fillis Stirrups
2 in stock
Traditional stainless steel stirrup irons with weighted bases and complete with white rubber tread
Fillis Treads Fillis Treads
7 in stock
Sold in pairs
Flexi Iron Flexi Iron
1 in stock
Featuring semi flexible arms these stirrups aid the heels down position whilst relieving strain on joints
Flexi Stirrup Irons Flexi Stirrup Irons
1 in stock
Flexi Stirrups give you greater control and helps to improve your position by allowing you to get more weight into your heels. The flexibility as suggested by its name also reduces pressure on joints from hip to the ankles
Korsteel Two Bar Stirrup Iron Treads Korsteel Two Bar Stirrup Iron Treads
8 in stock
These Korsteel Stirrup Treads are made from high quality rubber and fit in the Korsteel Two Bar Stirrup Irons. They come in 5 sizes to fit your stirrup irons. Black and sold in pairs
Lorina Fillis Stirrup Irons Lorina Fillis Stirrup Irons
2 in stock
Complete with black rubber treads
Peacock Leathers Peacock Leathers
4 in stock
Sold in pairs
Prussia Side Stirrup Irons Prussia Side Stirrup Irons
£28.50 - £31.99
2 in stock
Lightweight and with a rounder shape, the sides and bottoms are thinner affording greater comfort to the rider. Pricked treads for extra grip
Rubbers For Peacock Stirrups Rubbers For Peacock Stirrups
5 in stock
Sold in pairs
Stirrup Treads Stirrup Treads
8 in stock
Sold in pairs


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