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SS001 Road Stud Small SS001 Road Stud Small
19 in stock
For use on the road and on hard ground. Approx. length 8mm (excluding threaded section). Extra hardened to stand up to the rigours of road work
SS003 Mini Dome Stud SS003 Mini Dome Stud
11 in stock
Soft ground stud - oval shape for good grip. With an approx. length of 18mm (excluding threaded section), this is a little smaller than the Maxi Dome (SS007) but still a good, chunky stud ideal for soft, muddy conditions
SS004 Medium Conical Stud SS004 Medium Conical Stud
15 in stock
Ideal for slippery grass or greasy surface on a hard base. Approx. length 18mm (excluding threaded section). Perfect when you need a bit more grip than you would get from the Small Conical Stud (SS002) - for instance when dew or a sudden shower is added to hard ground. Often suitable to be used in hind shoes in conjunction with Small Conical Studs in front shopes
SS006 Bullet Stud SS006 Bullet Stud
18 in stock
Approved by the HPA for polo. Utility stud useful in a range of good to soft conditions. Approx. length 14mm (excluding threaded section). This is a really useful stud if the ground is not too hard or slippery, it can be used in front or behind on any size of horse/pony. A great option if you want a bit more grip than you would get from, say, the Large Road Stud
SS007 Maxi Dome Stud SS007 Maxi Dome Stud
22 in stock
Soft/deep going stud with oval shape for good grip. Approx. length 20mm (excluding threaded section). This is our largest soft ground stud and is most suitable for use in hind shoes in the softest conditions, particularly on large horses
SS009 Mini Sharp Stud SS009 Mini Sharp Stud
14 in stock
Like a road stud but with extra penetration - a running spike for horses! Approx. length 10mm (excluding threaded section. Particularly suitable for sun-baked ground. Often used in front shoes with small conical studs behind


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