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Acavallo Bit Guards Acavallo Bit Guards
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All the protection of a traditional bit guard but with a soft gel moulding round the mouth piece offering protection for the corners of the mouth. Prevents pinching & rubbing and works with most type of bits. Also encourages bit to stay straight & balanced in horse's mouth, especially when turning. An invaluable aid for training young or difficult horses
Ascot Fulmer Loops Pair Ascot Fulmer Loops Pair
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Ascot Leather Hand Made Fulmer Loops. Used to keep Full Cheek Bits in the Correct Position. They link the top of the of the Bit with the Cheek Pieces on the Bridle
Ascot Pelham Roundings Ascot Pelham Roundings
1 in stock
Ascot Quality Leather Pelham Roundings. Traditionally used when one rein is required when using a Pelham Bit. Can be also be used with other multiple ring bits. Our roundings are beautifully rolled leather & come with buckle fastenings. Sold in pairs, Black or Brown Leather. Size: Pony Length 5.5" (14cm) Width of Buckle 1/2"(13mm) Full Lengh 7" (18cm) Width of Buckle 5/8"(16mm)
Ascot Rolled Lip Strap Ascot Rolled Lip Strap
2 in stock
Quality leather Flat Lip Strap with Stainless Steel fittings. This Ascot Flat Lip Strap is used with a double bridle, to keep the curb & shanks in line (on the bit). Available in Black or Brown Leather Width 3/8"(9mm)
Bit Butter 2oz Bit Butter 2oz
7 in stock
The best kept secret this side of the Atlantic… now out! Moisturises & heals the mouth Restores feeling & comfort Encourages acceptance of the bit This special formulation from America provides soothing care to the mouth. Bit Butter replenishes moisture and restores feeling in dry, callused, unresponsive areas of the horse's mouth. Enriched with a "mouth softening complex" that includes Mango…
Bit Guards Bit Guards
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Designed to help prevent the bit pinching the horse's mouth, bit guards are most often seen on bridles which have loose ring snaffles. Sold in pairs
Bit Snaps Bit Snaps
3 in stock
Attaches a bit to the headcollar. Sold in pairs
Blenheim Gag Cheeks Blenheim Gag Cheeks
1 in stock
Blenheim leather cheeks for the Cheltenham Gag. Total length of each cheek: 35cm
Blenheim Leather Curb Chain Blenheim Leather Curb Chain
1 in stock
Blenheim Leather Curb Chain. Available in Black or Havana, Cob or Full size.
Bridle Cheek Clip Bridle Cheek Clip
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Replacement clips for 5/8" (16mm) bridle cheeks. Sold in singles
Curb Chain Hooks Pair Curb Chain Hooks Pair
1 in stock
Pair of hooks to be used in conjunction with a curb chain, for use with kimblewick, pelham and weymouth bits
Double Link Curb Chain Double Link Curb Chain
4 in stock
Pony (7"), Cob/Full (9")
Effol Mouth Butter 150ml Effol Mouth Butter 150ml
1 in stock
Effol Mouth Butter is ideal for increasing your horse's contentment and riding quality by stimulating the horse's chewing activity when wearing a bit
Korsteel Gel Curb Chain Guard Korsteel Gel Curb Chain Guard
1 in stock
Ultra soft flexible gel rubber for horses that need extra protection from the curb chain. Allows you to apply the desired pressure without causing any discomfort or rubbing
Sealtex Sealtex
1 in stock
Sealtex is the only bandage which is completely unaffected by water. It does not absorb water whatsoever, so no weight is added to your horse's leg when in use. It is a self sealing bandage without a weave or mesh to become clogged with mud
Supafleece Chin Guard Supafleece Chin Guard
2 in stock
Feel it to believe it! SupaFleece looks like sheepskin, wears like sheepskin, washes better than sheepskin and dries super fast! Protect a delicate chin with this soft SupaFleece chin guard. Fastens over straps with two touch close fastenings


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