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Airways Solution 500ml Airways Solution 500ml
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Potent blend of essential oils, including Eucalyptus, Menthol and Peppermint to provide nutritional support for the respiratory system. Contains soothing honey and apple cider vinegar Palatable and easy to mix in feed, or may be syringed for rapid benefits*. BETA NOPS and UFAS accredited, ensuring our products do not contain prohibited substances and are suitable for horses competing under FEI reg…
Airways Xtra Powder 500gm Airways Xtra Powder 500gm
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With its powerful aroma Airways(R) Xtra Strength Powder opens the airways and eases breathing. Airways(R) Xtra Strength Powder should be used daily with the feed when horses are stabled and the dust from bedding and hay causes irritation, and may cause the horse to cough at the beginning of exercise. Airways(R) Xtra Strength Powder is ideal for any horse or pony experiencing low level respiratory…
Apple Lytes 2.5kg Apple Lytes 2.5kg
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'The' electrolyte for your horse or pony. A special preparation of micro blended, fruit scented mineral salts to assist re-hydration and replenish vital body fluids and electrolytes after strenuous exercise. Apple Lytes is highly soluble and can be given in the feed or mixed into the drinking water without sinking. Apple Lytes was formulated by Bruce Snipes, creator of Cortaflex who pioneered the…
Buteless Original Powder 1kg Buteless Original Powder 1kg
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Key Features Premium botanicals for joint mobility Helps to reduce soreness in older/competition horses Perfect partner to either Glucosamine or Cortaflex Ingredients Per 30g Serving Boswellia 2,500mg Turmeric 1,000mg MSM 1,500mg Vitamin C 1,000mg Yucca 1,000mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids 2,800mg Black Pepper 200mg Vitamin E 200mg Rosemary Extract 25mg Grapeseed Extract 20mg *Please note: Buteless High St…
Cortaflex HA Super Fenn Solution 1 ltr Cortaflex HA Super Fenn Solution 1 ltr
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Key Features Ultimate support - ideal for working and competition horses Cortaflex is the world's no.1 joint care range Taste neutral - perfect for fussy horses Key Ingredients per 30ml Working Horse Serving MSM 2,500mg Collagen 1,120mg Manganese 50mg Hyaluronic Acid 40mg Copper 25mg Silicon 30mg Vitamin B6 7.5mg Boswellia 450mg Yucca 0.495mg Glycine 210mg About What is Cortaflex® HA Super Fenn So…
EA Buteless HIgh Strength Solution 1 litre EA Buteless HIgh Strength Solution 1 litre
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EA Nutra Buteless High Strength Solution is designed to provide extra support and comfort to hardworking joints and muscles in performance horses and ponies. Buteless High Strength Solution is also ideal for older horses, when years of wear and tear on joints. This unique solution, combining Boswellia, Yucca and Marshmallow extracts, provides high levels of phytochemicals (plant-derived) and antio…
Fungatrol Cream 400ml Fungatrol Cream 400ml
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The effects that exposure to rain and mud can have on a horse’s legs and back are distressing and often very painful. To avoid these problems can mean keeping horses in all winter, but not any more - thanks to The Fungatrol Range! The Fungatrol Range, with its powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, will protect and condition your horses skin, coat and hooves all year round, combining…
Glucosamine 12,000 plus MSM & HA 1kg Glucosamine 12,000 plus MSM & HA 1kg
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FOR EQUINE JOINT SUPPORT A potent combination of glucosamine (from hydrochloride or HCl), fortified with MSM and Hyaluronic Acid, on a palatable dextrose base, providing great value joint and mobility support for all horses and ponies. Joint disease, especially “wear and tear” of the cartilage on the articular surfaces of joints is one of the most common reasons for lameness in horses and ponies,…
Green Ice Gel 1.5 ltr Green Ice Gel 1.5 ltr
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A soothing, cooling, easy to apply gel for tired limbs
Like Ice Natural Clay 2.7kg Like Ice Natural Clay 2.7kg
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Like Ice®, begins working on contact to tighten and cool hot, tired legs after strenuous exercise. Size: 2.7kg
Magnitude 1kg Magnitude 1kg
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Magnesium has many roles within the body including the health of nerve endings and fibres, and a lack of magnesium may show in a horse as tension or nervousness. Magnitude is a highly absorbable form of Magnesium that should be fed daily to horses or ponies to promote healthy nerve tissue and reduce nervous tension. For very young, excitable or overzealous horses, requiring focus, increased concen…
Pollen Eze 500g Pollen Eze 500g
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ENCOURAGES MAXIMUM AIRFLOW Horses & ponies can be affected by pollen resulting in anxiety, nervousness and discomfort and sometimes head shaking. Pollen Eze contains a unique blend of natural ingredients & herbs designed to mop up harmful free radicals and to sooth & comfort horses & ponies affected by pollen. With 15mg of Eucalyptus Oil in each standard serving and MSM for additional antioxidant…
Pro Gut Balancer 900g Pro Gut Balancer 900g
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NEW Pro-Gut Balancer is a unique combination of pre and probiotics, together with a mannan oligosaccharide (MOS), to help maintain the health of the microbial population in the light of the many challenges faced by modern performance horses to: Promote optimum digestive function and energy production from dietary fibre sources (about 60-70% of the energy the horse needs comes from microbial fibre…
Pro Sheen 1lt Pro Sheen 1lt
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The glossiest spray on the market! Equine America's Pro Sheen Coat Gloss is a long lasting conditioning spray for your horses coat and mane and tail. It leaves the hair feely soft with an extra shine
Propell Plus 1 ltr Propell Plus 1 ltr
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A high specification, general purpose daily tonic FOR ENERGY & SOUND HEALTH New, improved formulation – with an energy dense glucose-fructose complex to ensure Pro-Pell Plus® is appetising and palatable when horses need a pick-me-up! High levels of work, and an intense competition programme can leave some horses feeling fatigued and a little “flat”. This can also occur when horses are recovering f…
Silky Tail Detangler Silky Tail Detangler
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Silky Mane & Tail Detangler is a powerful dust and dirt repellent action and tangle-free effect that lasts for several days. For a silky Mane & Tail and a show ring coat sheen. Dust & dirt repellent. New and improved formula. Dermatologically tested and approved. Mane, tail and coat shine spray with a highly effective dust and dirt repellent action. The newly developed silicone oil microemulsion m…
So Kalm Paste 30ml So Kalm Paste 30ml
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A concentrated form of So-Kalm Plus for a more rapid effect. Administer 10 ml 1 1/2 to 2 hours prior to competition or event or any situation where the horse may become difficult to handle. Size: 30ml Paste (3 doses)
Sooth-Itch Super Strength Gel 500ml Sooth-Itch Super Strength Gel 500ml
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Sooth Itch Gel is the perfect product for all horses and ponies, to soothe and relieve itching, and encourage hair to grow back naturally. Whether the horse has rubbed his tail, suffers from sweet itch, or generally rubs areas of skin, Sooth Itch Gel is the perfect support. It encourages the dry skin or scabs to loosen allowing the skin to repair
Super So Kalm Paste 30ml Super So Kalm Paste 30ml
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When the ultimate calmer is needed, use Super So Kalm Paste. This convenient single serving syringe will ensure focus and calmness without removing the edge required for competition. Can be used alone or as a top up for So Kalm Plus Powder. Super So Kalm Paste provides L-Tryptophan for focus, Magnesium to reduce tension and specialist herbs and plants for ultimate calmness and concentration. Feedi…
Thrush Gard 500ml Thrush Gard 500ml
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Thrush Gard Spray - Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal hoof disinfectant spray. Thrush Gard is tested for the evaluation of bactericidal and fungicidal activity for use in the veterinary industry (hoof disinfection), based on standards EN 1656 & 1657. Manufactured to medical grade standard ISO 13485 Contains active ingredient Hydrogen peroxide (CAS 7722-84-1) 3% (w/w) Directions for use: Spray the sol…
Ventilator 500 gm Ventilator 500 gm
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A new addition to the Equine America product range. Ventilator Powder opens up the airways fast and naturally supporting the animals defense against breathing problems. Size: 454g


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